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Dog owners may be better tenants

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It is often the case that landlords place a blanket ban on their property manager accepting applications from tenants with dogs however more often than not these applicants can be a better option according to RE/MAX WA Managing Director, Geoff Baldwin.

“The general feeling is that a dog may in some way damage the property however as an experienced manager of large rent rolls I have found this to be far from the truth and in many ways quite the opposite applies”, he said.

“Considering, or even welcoming applications from dog owners has two major advantages for the landlord in that these tenants will usually pay a premium rent and they are much less likely to move because it’s harder for them to find another pet friendly property owner” Mr Baldwin said.

“Although it may sound brutal, often the facts are that more damage can be done by young children than by a dog, however no one would consider banning families with children from applying for their rental property.

“Of course it is important to take into account the size of the dog, whether or not it is a breed that sheds fur, its age, whether it’s an inside or outside dog and any other information that can be gleaned before making a final decision.

“There is also the option of seeking feedback from previous landlords and the property owner has a legal right to request an additional pet bond.

“In a more competitive rental market as is predicted for 2015, owners should be looking at ways to make their property more attractive and actually inviting tenants with dogs to apply is a huge point of difference” Mr Baldwin said.


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