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Homes opens a necessary inconvenience for sellers

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Serious sellers understand that allowing their agent to open their home for inspection between set, advertised times is critical to attracting maximum buyer viewings according to RE/MAX WA Managing Director, Geoff Baldwin.

“Often sellers request that their agent does not open the home but instead arrange private inspections only however most buyers prefer to conduct their first viewing via a home open”, he said.

“One of the first questions asked by prospective buyers is “When will the home be opened?

“On many occasions buyers will put off inspecting properties that are not opened for inspection and this can cause the seller to miss out on attracting their potential sale and can also cost them thousands off the sale price.

“It may be the case that an agent will meet your buyer at another of his or her open homes but, with this in mind, it is only fair that all sellers do their bit to attract buyer interest.

“Experienced agents will know how to maximise the results from open homes and will provide a written and verbal report immediately after conducting each open.

“Feedback from buyers visiting open homes will also assist in assessing your marketing and pricing strategy.

“It’s our experienced that well-structured and conducted open homes can significantly increase viewings, competition and ultimately the sale price”, My Baldwin said.


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