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COOL is everything when selling

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In Western Australias summer months, lack of air conditioning when selling a property can quickly put it to the bottom of the buyers list according to RE/MAX WA Managing Director, Geoff Baldwin.

“A recent survey conducted across our home opens and people inquiring about our listings confirmed that air conditioning influences people’s buying decisions with eight out of ten buyers”, Mr Baldwin said.

“Even in cases where buyers said they would still buy a property that wasn’t air-conditioned, many said they would negotiate a lot harder on the price they were prepared to pay.

“With temperatures often hovering in the high thirties and sometimes even in the forties, it is little wonder that buyers feel much more positive when walking into an air conditioned home.

“On the other hand, when a prospective buyer inspects a property that is not air conditioned they cannot help but be less enthusiastic about it, especially if they have already visited properties that were invitingly cool.

“Often people will supplement with pedestal fans however this does little more that draw attention to the lack of air conditioning and the problem is that buyers don’t hang around for long enough in hot houses to appreciate other features.

“People looking at selling properties that are not air conditioned should consider a reverse cycle air conditioner that can be installed for under $1,500 can not only remove the objection but also ensure that buyers are not distracted from other features”, Mr Baldwin said.



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