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Give Trainers A Break!

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RE/MAX Western Australia Managing Director, Geoff Baldwin says that real estate agents and salespeople should keep an open mind to trainers and speakers offering their material, courses or ongoing services at events and conferences.

“Recently after attending several quality events I have been intrigued to hear real estate people complaining that they don’t like products or packages being offered for sale by trainers during or after their presentations” Baldwin said.

“At an interstate event earlier this year I experienced a young agent approach a speaker during a break to advise him that “I didn’t attend to be sold to” and that the speaker should not be offering products from the stage.

“The funny part of it was that the speaker was in the process of signing up a long line of attendees who obviously had a more positive view of his offerings.

“To hear real estate agents who make their living from selling, complaining about being sold to, seems a little strange especially since there always seems to be another segment of every audience who line up to sign up or buy what is on offer.  

“The facts are that many trainers main source of income is through the products and ongoing coaching that they offer and that often the fee that they receive for speaking does little more than cover costs.

“I may be missing something but I simply cannot see how being offered additional training opportunities or material could offend anyone especially since it is surely a take it or leave it decision for attendees.

“Over my 27 year career I have purchased a myriad of training material and have participated in ongoing coaching, mentoring and training opportunities that have massively enhanced my success and my income.

“On the other hand I have often not taken up these offers but I have never been offended or wanted to deny the presenter’s opportunity to market their products or services as this would conflict with my views that good salespeople take every opportunity to “sell”.

“I would encourage agents who may have an issue with this to understand that, just like us agents, good trainers are often selling their knowledge and like many of us they too have families to feed”, Mr Baldwin said.


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