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RE/MAX WA Agents in International Top 100

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RE/MAX WA Agents in International Top 100


RE/MAX boasts around 94,000 agents in 92 countries so when 15 of the top 100 sales producers in their category, come from one state of Australia it is an achievement worth recognition group Managing Director, Geoff Baldwin stated today.


“The RE/MAX International Top 100 lists the agents who have sold the most properties throughout the world. There is a Top 100 for Individuals (salespeople who work on the own) and a Top 100 for teams (salespeople who are supported by others).


"I’m very proud of the fact that 15 of our WA agents made the International Top 100 Sales Producer lists in July especially since it justifies our concentration on lifting the quality of service our people offer their clients rather than just putting more bums on seats in our offices”, Mr Baldwin said.


“We have had several of our people making the Top 100 each month but to have such a large percentage of the best producers in the 92 RE/MAX countries in one month is a huge accolade and we are very proud of them and their achievements.


“We have a massive focus on maintaining the skills and service levels of our agents through continual training and education both at a head office level and very importantly, at each franchise office.


“In August RE/MAX WA was awarded for Training and Education in Sydney at the Real Estate Business Australian Real Estate Awards and these ongoing results reflect that our commitment to perfecting the skills of our agents is definitely a winner”, Mr Baldwin said.




Media contact – Geoff Baldwin

RE/MAX WA members in the Top 100 for Team Leaders:


#8 Tom Miszczak – RE/MAX Southern Stars Cannington

#23 Denis Sauzier – RE/MAX Extreme Joondalup

#25 Phil Wiltshire – RE/MAX Extreme Butler

#28 Brett White – RE/MAX Extreme Joondalup

#31 Demo Foufas – RE/MAX Extreme Joondalup

#32 Guy Zinicola – RE/MAX GBT Realty Nollamara

#46 Suzi Baker – RE/MAX Extreme Joondalup

#55 Tom O’Rourke – RE/MAX Sunset Coast Scarborough

#59 Keith Elliott – RE/MAX Lighthouse Realty Bunbury

#92 Rhett Tindall – RE/MAX Extreme Joondalup

#99 Deborah Conroy – RE/MAX Connects Bicton


RE/MAX WA members in the Top 100 for individuals:


#10 Janette Abbot – RE/MAX Coastal Baldivis

#40 David Willis – RE/MAX Lighthouse Realty Bunbury

#45 Deborah Shadler – RE/MAX Lighthouse Realty Bunbury

#51 Ann Watkins – RE/MAX Torrens Bedford


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