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More research needed before a career in real estate

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With around 86 percent of people starting a career in real estate lasting less than 18 months prospective real estate salespeople are encouraged to do a lot more research to gain a more thorough understanding of what’s required according to RE/MAX WA Managing Director, Geoff Baldwin.

“In many ways it is a self fulfilling prophecy because people who are thinking about a career in real estate visit homes opens and interact with others who have recently entered the industry and feel that, if they can do it so can I”, Mr Baldwin said.

“Unfortunately though, with so many people not making the grade they are gaining a false sense of what is required by their exposure to these rookies and often battling agents.

“My strong advice for anyone who is considering a career in real estate is to research thoroughly speaking to long term successful agents and even going to the extent of accompanying one or two high performers for a few days.

“It is also wise to do a lot of homework to ensure choosing the right agency or brand as this can make a massive difference to new agent’s chances of success.

“Things like do they offer an induction course in addition to the registration course, do they have a mentoring system, do they provide ongoing training in house, is there a senior person who can be contacted for advice out of hours, etc, etc.

“Having had a hand in the training some of Western Australia’s most successful agents over the past two decades I find it frustrating when I see a highly motivated rookie with all the right attributes kick off their career in an agency that lacks the training, support, systems and resources they will require to succeed”, Mr Baldwin said.


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