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Agents photos lost on public

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30th January 2013

Agents’ promotional photos in newspapers are second only to confusing abbreviations in when it comes to what puts people off about property adverts according to a recent spot survey by RE/MAX WA.

RE/MAX Managing Director, Geoff Baldwin, reported that his corporate team had recently conducted a spot survey asking prospective buyers and current sellers what they disliked about real estate adverting in the print media and the two issues that dominated were their inability to decipher abbreviations and to understand why agents insisted on publishing their faces.

“In response to the question – “What is your opinion about agents promoting themselves with their head shots in newspapers?” 67 percent of respondents referred negatively, many asking why agents publish these photos and several commenting that the photos often had no resemblance to the person they met”, Mr Baldwin said.

“Several respondents were puzzled that often agents advertised themselves as being the area specialist yet had no listings to offer under their photos.

“Some sellers also commented that they felt their property advertisement was often dominated by the agent’s own promotional advertising.

“In regards to abbreviations, especially in print adverts, sellers and buyers expressed that they often found it difficult to understand what they stood for and hence passed over the property.

"There is always a case for professional, strategicly considered marketing, including agent photo's but agents should never lose sight of what is the expectation of the public.

"Publishing a brag photo with a notation asking for more listings or telling people you are a great agent is not only a waste of money but also an annoyance to readers.

“It is my advice that we need as agents to consider more what our clients and prospective clients are looking for and less what we feel the need to promote as that focus will do more to set us apart than abbreviated ads dominated by agents mug shots”, Mr Baldwin said.


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