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Respect a client's right to object

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How an agent responds to objections from buyers and sellers can make a significant difference to their level of success according to RE/MAX WA managing director, Geoff Baldwin.

“When confronted with and objection it is not uncommon for the average agent to immediately slip into justification mode rattling off all the reasons why the objection is unjustified and, in the process, widening the trust gap between them and the prospective client”, he said.

“As an example, when a buyer at a home open says that the property is “too dear” it is common for the agent to respond with all the reasons why the price is justified but does the agent really know what the prospect meant?

“Are they saying that the property is overpriced, are they are not interested, are they saying that they like it but would offer less or are they saying that it is too dear for their budget?

“When a seller comments on an agent’s level of fees are they necessarily saying the fee is too high or are they simply seeking clarification as too why it is higher (or lower) than that quoted by other agents?

“Highly skilled agents will always ask for more information in response to any objection to ensure they know exactly what the client is assaying before they respond.

“Often we are completely wrong about what we think is the essence of an objection but by seeking clarification and more information we can ensure we don’t turn a minor issue into a major barrier.

“In fact, when an agent genuinely seeks more information about an objection and allows the client to clarify and detail their thoughts on the matter, often the person will come up with their own answer or solution.

“It has long been proven that when a prospective client expresses an objection it is an indication they hold some level of interest, so agents should welcome objections and refine their skills in how to professionally and respectfully respond to them.

“It’s another example of why listening is one of the most critical advanced skills of all high achieving salespeople”, Mr Baldwin said.

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