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Competition Keeping it Professional?

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In recent times they has been a concerted focus by professional agents to lift the public’s perception of our industry and our group along with other leading agents are intent on leading the field in that regard, RE/MAX WA Managing Director, Geoff Baldwin reaffirmed after a recent meeting with franchise office owners.

“In October RE/MAX Western Australia conducted a survey of 140 people who had a property on the market or who had recently sold a property through them or other agents and the results were conclusive”, Mr Baldwin said.

“Following are three of the questions that were asked along with the answers:

1. Once you have listed with your chosen agent how do you feel about receiving general marketing letters, sales reports and other helpful market information in case you do decide to change agents in the future? No Problem 67% - Prefer not 18% - Unsure 15%

2. Once you have listed your property for a designated period with your chosen agent do you believe your agent should be able to demand that no other agent contacts you for any reason whatsoever? Yes 17% - No 69% - Unsure 14%

3. Once you have listed with your chosen agent how do you feel about other agents ringing you in an attempt to gain your business or encourage you to change agents? No problem 8% - Prefer not – 86% Unsure – 6%

“These results make it fairly clear that once a seller has chosen their agent a majority are happy to receive general marketing and sales information but are strongly against being called directly by competition agents.

“When a property owner lists their home with a particular agent of their choice the last thing they want is for another agent to be repeatedly phoning them to encourage them to change agencies however, albeit only by a small minority of agents, this practice unfortunately continues to occur.

“Obviously, every seller has a right to know what their options are if they do decide to change agents and there seems no significant resistance to informing sellers of what is on offer via professional mailings or materials however phoning a currently listed seller with the intention of soliciting their business is a no go”, Mr Baldwin said.


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