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Social Media Closes Gaps With Agents

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Of all industries real estate is one where social media is continuing to encourage sharing and support among agents to the point where day to day challenges are regularly being solved through willing online interaction according to RE/MAX WA Regional Owner, Geoff Baldwin.

“Although not obvious to the community at large, there are numerous groups consisting of thousands of agents who are improving their skills and knowledge through conversations particularly on Facebook”, Mr Baldwin said.

“It is not unusual for a group member to post a particular challenge he or she is currently facing with the marketing or sale of a property and for even close competitors to discuss and contribute to likely solutions.

“Often these exchanges involve dozens of agents whose collective experience can be massive.

“The quality of sharing between agents is refreshing especially since it is without obligation or expectation and it certainly signals a positive step forward for professionalism in our industry.

“I personally moderate a Facebook group of predominantly Australian agents which has grown to around 750 real estate people and I am constantly impressed by the way they interact and focus their exchanges on doing their jobs better.

“Another positive that is coming out of this is the unselfish and increasing occurrence of agents referring buyer and seller leads to one another which obviously assists clients to achieve a result.

“In this time of communication overload it is wonderful to see our industry participants bucking the trend and going out of their way to share experiences and knowledge and in so doing promote better service levels for our communities”, Mr Baldwin said.

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