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Summer Surge Predicted for Bunbury

Summer Surge Predicted for Bunbury

After a lull during the winter months all the indicators are present for a positive market surge as we move into summer ...

Jump in home open numbers points to rebound

Jump in home open numbers points to rebound

The number of people visiting open homes rose significantly for the first three weekends of November compared to the first three weekends of September heralding ........

Perth to emerge as a National Hot Spot this Spring

Expert Tips for the Interior Addict

Underquoting not isolated to eastern states

Perth market to enjoy spring rebound

Warehousing rampant in Sydney market

WA Now Australias Best Investor Option

Slower market creates opportunity for upgraders

No better time for renters to buy

Presentation is critical in todays market

Super plan for first home buyers is not rocket science

Buyers invariably the winners from private sales

Sellers - beware of Price Trap

Current market lull very temporary

A rent reduction can save thousands for landlords

Dog owners may be better tenants

Agents - you are being watched

Pricing critical as listings stock increases

Short Window of opportunity opens for smart buyers

Sellers, agents dont know exactly what a property is worth!

Property located badly on Social Media

7 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid When Selling

Homes opens a necessary inconvenience for sellers

US Agent Murder a timely reminder

Marketing is critical to achieving maximum price

Focus on Value, not asking price!

Investors now wary of property spruikers

Apartment oversupply is overstated

Banks change rules on split contracts

Is Perth being seen in wrong light?

Pricing See-Saw is a Sellers Biggest Challenge

Free Investment Workshops - Mandurah & Perth

Property Taxes in Australia an Outrage

HECS model possible stamp duty trade off in WA

Stamp duty budget cuts will have domino effect

Extreme Growth at RE/MAX Extreme

Markets dent the Dent Prophecy

COOL is everything when selling

Market to Bounce in February

Still many poor agents in rich market

USA property rebounds - Australia on verge of boom

How big is your agents pool?

Agents Trust Level an Urban Myth

Mobile Etiquette Unacceptable

RE/MAX listed at top spot among real estate franchises globally

RE/MAX WA Agents in International Top 100

Zoned block owners beware

Perfect storm forecast for Perth investors

Perth listing numbers bounce

RE/MAX Files for $100 Million IPO

Confidence is the missing link

Give Trainers A Break!

RE/MAX Western Australia takes off National Training Award

Ugly Neighbours can Be Costly

Spring Surge Predicted

From pricing treading on dangerous ground

New South Australian pricing laws will hurt sellers & buyers

Agents need to diversify

Rebounding US Market good news for Australia

Buying in cheap suburbs can have big rewards

Traditional approach is redundant in today's market

Savvy Investors Buck the Trend

Agents must adapt to changing landscape with sales staff

Agent fees a moral challenge

The disappearing art of farming

WA Property Market in Interest Rate Rose Garden

Window Closing For Upgraders

Landlords cashing in on market revival

3 Speed Property Market in Perth

American and Australian agents - very different structure

100 Point ID Checks have become a debacle

Ex News Ltd - REA Manager joins RE/MAX

Window of opportunity for investors will close

Untidy Neighbours Can Be Costly

Fuel Prices As Influential As Interest rates

Conversion Ratios are Critical

Franchising Not For All Agents

Respect a client's right to object

Agents photos lost on public

More research needed before a career in real estate

McGowan shows signs of what to expect under Labor


RE/MAX WA Launches National Website

US Property Market Rebounding

Competition Keeping it Professional?

Buyers The Winners With Private Sellers

Building Now Dearer Than Buying Established

Window closes for up upgraders

Skyrocketing Rents See More First Home Sales

Social Media Closes Gaps With Agents

Agent's event raises funds for soldiers

Presentation is Key for Sellers

Open Homes Have Become Counter Productive

Fixed Asking Price a No - No in New Market

Win - Win Option For Stamp Duty Relief

Interest Rate Cut Sounds Warning To Buyers

Strong 2012 Coming - Upgraders Should Act Now!

Spring Puts Spring Back Into Market

RE/MAX Announces New MD For Eastern Australia

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